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PK-6 Student Materials Pick-Up Schedule


Pick-Up dates

Pick-Up Spot


Tuesday 5/26 - Friday 5/29

End of 6th grade wing


Tuesday 5/26 - Friday 5/29

Main Entrance


Tuesday 5/26 - Friday 5/29

Cafeteria Side Entrance


Monday 5/18 - Friday 5/22

Main Entrance


Monday 5/18 - Friday 5/22

Cafeteria Side Entrance


Tuesday 5/26 - Friday 5/29

Auditorium Entrance


Monday 5/18 - Friday 5/22

Auditorium Entrance


Monday 5/18 - Friday 5/22

End of 6th grade wing

School hours

  • School starts at 8:05 and ends at 2:20
  • Students are considered late at 8:15 and must sign in at the front office.
  • Students should not be dropped off prior to 8:00 as supervision is not available before 8:00
  • When dropping off make sure to follow the designated route for drop offs.
  • Any students leaving school before the 2:20 pm dismissal time must have a note indicating the time they will be leaving; a parent or guardian must come into the office to sign the student out.

Communication between the teacher, parents and staff is very important for the safety of the students. Written notes must be received in advance for early dismissal and bus changes. We've created a parent communication form to make sure you submit all the necessary information. Please adhere to the following:

Bus Notes 

If there is a change to your child’s normal bus schedule, a written note is required. The following information must be included in the note:

  • Child’s full name
  • Date
  • Bus route number they will be riding
  • Full name of person expecting him/her
  • A street address and phone number
  • Phone calls or faxes for bus changes will NOT be accepted.

Early Dismissal – any time before 2:20pm is considered an early dismissal

A written note including the student’s full name and time of dismissal should be sent in with your child that morning. The teacher will send the student to the office at the indicated time. You must come into the office to sign your child out of school. Advanced notice is best, calling after 2:00pm or showing up at dismissal creates confusion for the child. We ask that advanced written notice be received.

End of Day Dismissal

Please send a written note if you wish to pick up your child on a daily basis, or even occasionally. This note informs the teacher as well as the office that your child will be picked up at dismissal. You must come into the office to sign your child out of school. If you arrive earlier than the 2:20pm dismissal, you must wait until the bell, we will not call the child down early.


By law we are required to call the household of all students absent during the school day. Please notify the school if your child will be absent. A written excuse is still needed upon their return even if you have already notified the school nurse. The excuse must be received within FIVE school days.


Students arriving at 8:15am or after are considered tardy. They will need to be signed in at the office. A note should also be submitted to indicate the reason for the late arrival.

School Lunch Program

Our school district offers a Nutri-Kids Point of Sale System. (connect to mySchoolBucks); this will allow you online access to your child’s lunch account. You will be able to add payments online and view their daily transactions. To create an account, you will need your child’s student ID number; please call the Elementary office for that information.

Meal prices are: breakfast $1.25 lunch $2.15
Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu

Understanding Your Child's Report Card

New York State has adopted new, more rigorous learning standards in ELA and Math. Since that time, we at Hoosic Valley have been involved in an ongoing process to review our curriculum, our teaching, how we assess your children's learning, and more recently our grade reporting. Click here to view our report card rubric.

You may have seen in recent years that our Elementary grade reports have changed. Some of these changes have been the result of our transition to software based grade reporting. More importantly, many of the changes have been the result of our wish to communicate to parents how your children are progressing relative to the grade level expectations of the Common Core curriculum. It is very likely that next year you will see additional refinements to our grade reports as the faculty and administration continue to work to improve our process of standards based grade reporting.

School Store

The 6th Grade School Store is open for business. The school store is available for students to pick up pens, pencils and some special supplies.

The schedule will be as follows:
* 8:00-8:20 stationed outside of the main office
* 11:40-12:10 stationed outside of the main office

The school store offers our sixth graders the opportunity to "run" a business. They have to manage their inventory, work with customers and make a profit! The money they earn helps offset the sixth grade end of year field trips.

Academic Help is Available

As we continue our work to update our curriculum to reflect the increased academic expectations of the Common Core curriculum, we have focused much of our attention and energy to how we can offer support to students who are struggling with the new academic expectations. As you may know, we have implemented a number of support activities involving all school faculty and staff during the school day, and teachers make themselves available every Tuesday through Thursday from 2:20 – 3:00 to work with students who need, and can benefit from support after school.

We want parents to be active participants in the learning process. We encourage parents to to contact their child’s teacher with any questions related to homework difficulty or graded assignments. It is important to address these difficulties as they arise rather than allowing students to struggle and fall further and further behind. There are many different opportunities for extra help, please contact your child's teacher with any concerns or questions.

Morning Student Drop Off

We have a designated route for student drop off at the elementary school. Parents should drive around the short loop between the tennis courts and the front playground and drop students off at the end of the sidewalk. There are signs indicating student drop off. We ask that all parents who are dropping off students use this route. We have a faculty member assigned to that area assuring the safety off your child along with the smooth flow of traffic as you exit and buses enter.

Recently, there have been a number of people who have driven into the staff parking lot and dropped off their children at a spot which requires students to cross in front of buses entering the parking lot. This is a less safe route where we do not have anyone assigned at the crosswalk.

For your child’s safety, and to assure the most orderly and safe passage of everyone, we ask that when you are dropping off your child, please follow the signs to drop off your child at the end of the sidewalk, where they will not have to cross traffic to enter the school.

parking lot

Parent Communications Form

Parents, it is so important that we have written notices about bus changes, absences, early dismissals and other situation that will change how or when you student gets to school or delivered back home. It may be easier to use our Parent Communication Form to send in these important messages. You can either print out the blank form and complete or fill out online, print, sign and send in to school. Remember, we need absence notes within five days of the students return for the absence to count as a legal absence.

Elementary School Behavioral Expectations

The Character Education Program at Hoosic Valley is design to develop and sustaining a school environment that allows all students to feel safe, confident and eager to learn. We will accomplish these goals by providing services and opportunities that promote positive characteristics.

education program

We have established a set of school-wide expectations”, which is a key step in building a positive school climate. The expectations are: Act Responsibly, Be Ready to Learn, Create Respect and Display Self-Control.

Our monthly virtues include: Ready to Learn, Self-Control, Citizenship, Empathy, Integrity, Friendship, Responsibility, Tolerance, Civility, and Courage. Respect is our eleventh character trait and it's so important we promote the virtue of respect all year long. Click here to learn more about our character ed program


If you share housing with relatives, friends or others because you lost your housing or have nowhere else to go, you may be covered under the McKinney-Vento Act. Students covered under the Act have the right to stay in the same school and get transportation to school, or immediately enroll in the local school.

Click here for more info or contact our district liaison, Lisa Waldron, @ lwaldron@hoosicvalley.k12.ny.us or x3505.

Grief Counseling

The Community Hospice group, affiliated with St. Peter's Health Partners, offers free support services to anyone grieving the death of a family member or friend. They organize children's grief services - WAVE RIDERS and CAMP ERIN. Click here for more info.

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District Code of Conduct

Student Handbook 2019-2020

Dignity for All Students Act
Visit the DASA Page for more information on bullying and student rights

Weekly News Updates: 

Hoosic Valley offers an after school day care program operated by the Mechanicville Community Service Center. Visit the Mechanicville Community Center for details.

Mechanicville Community CenterProgram Director: 
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