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Wellness Corner

June 1, 2018 - Throughout the course of the 2017-18 school year the wellness committee has been working to improve the health and wellness of Hoosic Valley students. Guided by our school wellness policy, we are continually striving to make sure the policy is being implemented and coming up with new ideas and strategies to improve the policy standards. For example, we are providing students with healthier options during lunch which includes a variety of  fruits and vegetables. In addition, this is reinforced through nutrition education in health classes. Earlier this year we participated in an American Heart Association fundraiser to increase awareness on heart disease. We also worked with administration to assist with the drug forum, “Chasing the Dragon” in March. Furthermore, we are in the process of giving students more of an opportunity to participate in physical activity by creating an “activity” club. We are looking towards the future to create meaningful and relevant programs and practices that will build a culture to improve health. Finally, our goal is to create a school environment that conveys consistent messages that is conducive to healthy eating, physical activity, and overall wellness.

Mark Viggiano - Wellness Coordinator