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A Weekend of Art & Music & Drama! (Photos)

June 7, 2018 - The first weekend in June was incredibly busy for Hoosic Valley students! In addition to two successful nights of High School Musical Jr. (Click here for photos) by the Elementary Drama Club, students were also involved in several school and community events. Here is a recap of all that happened:

Hoosic Valley Art Show
Student work from 3rd grade through 12th grade was displayed in the high school gymnasium for the annual Art Show. Art students assisted teachers Erin McCauliffe and Matt Canfield in setting up each display and hanging work. The set up for the show took place over two days- Friday, June 1st & Saturday, June 2nd. Click here for Art Show Photos

The actual show was open from 12pm-4pm on Sunday, June 3rd. Families and community members perused the multitude of paintings, drawings, collages, and three-dimensional work as the gymnasium was transformed into a Art Gallery. Students from the Hoosic Valley music department provided music at varying points during the event. Katherine Rice ('18) and Braden Jarosz ('19) played clarinet duets; Lillian Czub ('23), Emilee Valade ('23), and Jaquelyn Carlo ('23) played flute trios; Melanie Natter ('18) and Braden Jarosz ('19) sang vocal duets; Christopher Smith ('21) sang vocal solos; Lindsey Serritella ('24) and Braden Jarosz ('19) played clarinet duets.

Hoosic Valley Rep's Afternoon of One Acts
During the Art Show, students in HV Rep produced the 4th annual short-play event in the LGIA. This year was unique because all of the short plays were written and directed by students in the club. Below is a list of each play and associated personnel:
Just Us Friends- Written & Directed by Robert Fitzgerald ('21)
-Jack Hallam ('22), -Logan Maleady ('22), -Megan Rice ('23), -Jake Kinnicutt ('22), -Isaac Bunk ('20), -Matt Palladino ('20), -Jay Derocher (Class of '17)

We Never Stood a Chance- Written & Directed by Braden Jarosz ('19) & Maria Rice ('19)
Braden Jarosz ('19), Maria Rice ('19), Katherine Rice ('18), Julia Carlo ('18), Melanie Natter ('18), Emma Carlo ('21), Eloise Carlson-McNally ('19)

Sisters Before Misters- Written & Directed by Brianna Fitzgerald ('23) 
Jake Kinnicutt ('22), Alyssa Burdick ('20), Brianna Fitzgerald ('23), Megan Rice ('23), Jay Derocher (Class of '17)

Opening Night- Written & Directed by Emily O'Brien ('18)
Chris Hallam ('19), Marlee Peterson ('19), Eloise Carlson-McNally ('19), Alyssa Burdick ('20), Robert Fitzgerald ('21), Logan Maleady ('22), Katie Rose ('23)

Hoosic Valley Art & Music Awards
On Monday, June 4th, nearly 200 students in the district (3rd-12th grade) were recognized for superior achievements in Art, Music, & Drama during the 2017-2018 school year. The event took place among the beautiful works of art hanging in the High School Gym. Click here for a complete list of music award winners.

Senior Music Winners Announced

Quincy Jones Musicianship Award- Braden Allen
Patrick S. Gilmore Award for Band- Renee Parry
Director's Award for Band- Savannah Champagne & Matt Rose
John Philip Sousa Band Award- Katherine Rice

Leonard Bernstein Musicianship Award- Rebecca Viall
Director's Award for Chorus- Julia Carlo & Nikki Schaeffer
Fred Waring Director's Award for Chorus- Melanie Natter
National School Choral Award- Emily O'Brien

Schenectady Light Opera Company Nominees Announced
Braden Jarosz- Gomez Addams
Julia Carlo- Morticia Addams
Christopher Smith- Uncle Fester

Hoosic Valley Represents Strongly at NYSSMA Festivals this Year
New York State School Music Association hosts a variety of events to further musicianship for students. One of the many ways students get involved in NYSSMA is through their annual Solo & Ensemble festivals. Students prepare solos or chamber pieces and go to the event to be judged by professionals on their instruments. High-scoring students on upper level solos (level 5 or 6) have the opportunity to be selected to play or sing with top musicians at Area All State (within the Capital District) or All-State (at the annual NYSSMA conference in December for the state of New York). 

A list of all Hoosic Valley students who participated: 

Fifth Grade: Paige Gela, Ethan Meeks, Jenna Parent, Ava Retell,  
Sixth Grade: Alexander Baldwin, Olivia Cappellano, Terrie Cottrell, Alexandra Greenwood, Christopher Jones, Katrine LeStage, Josephine Schmidt, Lindsey Serritella, Ethan Sheldon, Sophie Svec, Grace Thurber, Matthew Wager
Seventh Grade: Riley Caiazza, Christian Cail, Jaquelyn Carlo, Lily Czub, Jillian Johnson, Kiera Matala, Jacob Mysliewiec, Jenna Peterson, Brett Pruso, Megan Rice, Emilee Valade, Andrew Wood 
Eighth Grade: Lukas Cates, Nate Cunningham, Jack Hallam, Jake Kinnicutt. Katherine Rose,
Ninth Grade: Victoria Jarosz, Christopher Smith, Madison Suschinski
Tenth Grade: Alysa Barton, Alyssa Burdick, Kylin Hemmings, Victoria Jarosz
Eleventh Grade: Ellie Carlson-McNally & Braden Jarosz
Twelfth Grade: Melanie Natter, Katherine RIce

Here are some of the NYSSMA highlights for the season!

  • Junior Braden Jarosz
    • NYSSMA Piano Festival (May 18th)- Level 6- 100 (2 different solos)
    • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd)- Vocal- Level 6/All State- 100
    • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd)- Vocal Duet- Level 5- 27 (with Melanie Natter)
    • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd)- Clarinet Duet- Level 3- 28 (with Katherine Rice)
  • Senior Melanie Natter
    • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd)- Vocal Duet- Level 5- 27 (with Braden Jarosz)
  • Freshmen Victoria Jarosz
    • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd) - Vocal Solo - Level 6 - 98
    • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd) - Vocal Duet - Level 5 - 28 (with Christopher Smith) 
  • Freshmen Christopher Smith 
  • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd) - Vocal Solo - Level 6 - 98
  • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd) - Vocal Duet - Level 5 - 28 (with Victoria Jarosz) 
  • 7th Grader Kiera Matala
  • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd) - Vocal Solo - Level 2 - 28 
  • 6th Grader Grace Thurber 
  • NYSSMA Festival June 2nd) - Snare Drum Solo - Level 1 - 28
  • 6th Grader Matthew Wager 
  • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd) - Trumpet Solo - Level 3 - 27
  • 6th Grader Katrine LeStage 
  • NYSSMA Festival (June 2nd) - French Horn Solo - Level 2 - 27 

HV Students in the Community Arts Recently
-7th Grader Riley Caiazza was a part of Stillwater Community Center's Thoroughly Modern Millie this weekend. 
-9th Grader Danielle Greenwood received a scholarship for her talents from Drama Kids International
-9th Grader Victoria Jarosz & 11th Grader Braden Jarosz were cast in a community production of Les Miserables to be produced later in 2018