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Character Counts May

May 10, 2018 - Today the Elementary School celebrated diversity and tolerance at their May Character Counts assembly. Thanks to our first graders for the wonderful song, our impact members for their words of wisdim and our Teachers for sharing the story The Push, A Story of Friendship.

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Kacie Smulsky

Kacie is receiving the tolerance award for always being positive in the classroom and making sure all her friends feel included.

Josh Bechand

Josh is receiving this award for always being able to go with the flow of the classroom



Adam Golinski

Adam gets the tolerance award for always accepting and including others even if they are different and like things that he doesn’t necessarily like. When playing with others he takes turns playing what they enjoy and when he enjoys. Nice job Adam!

Tony Barton

is always so patient and understanding with all his classmates. He helps and plays with everyone!

Grace Donnelly

Grace accepts and respects each of her classmates. She goes with the flow and is always including others.

Charlee Brown

having an openness and respect for everyone she comes into contact with. She welcomes anyone to play and creates new friendships everyday with everyone inside the kindergarten grade. Charlee shows great tolerance day in and day out.  

Addison Daurio

shows tolerance by being respectful and accepting of others for their differences by including others to join her in work and play

Kamryn Hernandez

- Kamryn treats everyone in the classroom with respect. She is kind and patient with her friends.

Jackson Hurley

is very tolerant of others and doesn’t let little problems bother him.  He is kind and patient with everyone.

Payton Gela

Payton is kind and considerate to all of her classmates.  She helps others when they need help without reservation.  Payton accepts everyone for who they are and doesn't worry about what other people think.

Anna Grace Maccia

AnnaGrace is a kind student who always is willing to help and work with others. Her patience and positive nature make it a pleasure for other students to be around. She is always accepting of others no matter what!

Cayce Miller

Cayce is a very fair and kind person. She is patient and understanding with all the members of her class.  Cayce brings a caring and happy smile with her wherever she goes.

Abbigale Salisbury

Abbi is always kind, caring and compassionate. She is always including everyone and has a wonderful attitude!